Outside his office, I stopped, and I heard a girl sobbing. From the open door, I saw Tang Qingqing lying on Miss Huang's desk, crying like a pear blossom with rain, while Miss Huang was holding the desk with one hand and touching her shoulder with the other, as if comforting her. I froze at the door for a long time, blood was pouring up, and there were thousands of thoughts in my mind. My hand accidentally touched something hard in my pants pocket. It was the key of Mr. Huang's office. It was specially assigned to me by him for my homework and instruments. I gently put down my notebook, took out the key, and locked the door firmly. At the corner of the stairs, I found the electric meter box again and pulled down the electric switch of this floor. I heard Tang Qingqing's voice in the dark. I sneered: hum, you two are scared to death I turned and walked away. I just want to scare them, but things are moving in a completely different direction. The next morning in the morning, the same table pulled me aside and said in a low voice and excitedly, "Hey, tell you, Mr. Huang and Tang Qingqing are blocked in the house by the school security guard. They lock the door and light it in the dark. I don't know what to do, or the security guard pries the lock open. Two people come out, hee hee." I found that everyone's looks were so excited and mysterious. Tang Qingqing's seat was empty. A large number of students from other classes crowded out the window and pointed at Tang Qingqing's seat.